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Improve Swing Selection on Web App Thomas Miller 1 comment 0 votes Planned
Report Distance Paul Abernathy 3 comments 1 vote Planned
Option to choose either front or rear camera on device Declan Coghlan 3 comments 2 votes Planned
Add video recording for iPhone. Eric Smith 1 comment 0 votes Planned
Customizable Swing History Table Scottin Pollock 1 comment 2 votes Planned
Training Mode with success/fail sound effects Robert Redekop 5 comments 11 votes Planned
Show the club used for the swing history info on the View and My Data screens Paul Thornton 2 comments 1 vote Planned
View app swing ratings on website. Jack Lee 2 comments 2 votes Planned
Change the units settings Thomas Radvanyi 10 comments 12 votes Planned
Swing Data - Show slice/hook on Detailed View Royce Reece 3 comments 4 votes Planned
Maintain View Selection Between Swings Russell Ruckterstuhl 3 comments 5 votes Planned
Android App 7 Inch Tablet Support Matt 7 comments 0 votes Planned
Pause and slow motion Dmkern03 2 comments 4 votes Planned
Quick Review by color jay bee 3 comments 3 votes Planned
My Swing Data iPad Dmkern03 1 comment 0 votes Planned
Nickname each club Cborden 1 comment 0 votes Planned
Turn off screen sleep on android app Matt 2 comments 5 votes Planned
Add Notes to Swings Matt Braunstein 10 comments 11 votes Planned
Show ball fight and projected distance Freddie Sanchez 43 comments 93 votes Planned
Add a "data" view in acquisition mode Pierre Mareschal 1 comment 0 votes Planned
Offer an option to assume club face at address is square Chris Dickens 11 comments 14 votes Planned
ability to save or bookmark swings Todd M 3 comments 4 votes Planned
Make the Swing History Easier to View and Select Peter Harrison 6 comments 3 votes Planned
Improve ability to delete multiple swings Jay Freeman 2 comments 11 votes Planned
Show more data on iPhone Runpuddrun 4 comments 3 votes Planned
Add more OEM's to the Club list Runpuddrun 15 comments 2 votes Planned