I got my Swingbyte! What do I do?

You are four short steps away from recording swings on Swingbyte!


1)      DOWNLOAD: Download the free Swingbyte app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.


2)      PAIR via BLUETOOTH: Hold down the power button on your Swingbyte 2. The yellow light (power indicator) will flash about 5 times and then stay solid. The orange light (Bluetooth indicator) will flash a few times and then turn off.


Android: Go to Settings > Wireless and Networks > Bluetooth, and turn on bluetooth on your phone. Select Swingbyte from the list of devices to pair. The orange LED light on Swingbyte will not yet turn on. That will illuminate once “+Add Swings” has been pressed in the Swingbyte app.

Apple: Go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn on bluetooth. Select Swingbyte from the list of devices to pair. The orange light on your Swingbyte will illuminate once you're paired.


3)      ATTACH: Attach Swingbyte to the club of your choice. Swingbyte 2 should be attached to the club shaft just below the grip. Your Swingbyte should be aligned at 12 o'clock, with the white alignment guide at the top of your Swingbyte 2 parallel with the leading edge of your club.


4) RECORD: Open the app and register for an account. Enter basic info and customize your Swingbyte golf bag to the exact specifications of your clubs (including length, loft, lie, and flex) to help Swingbyte more accurately calculate your swing data. 

Apple: Once you have a club selected, the app will automatically connect. Once the Swingbyte icon in the top left corner is green, you’re ready to start recording your swings!

Android: Tap the Swingbyte icon in the top corner and turn recording to ON. Your Swingbyte will connect in the app

Just make an impact - with a real ball, indoor ball, or the ground - and Swingbyte will capture and display your swings.

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