Main Screen



The new iPhone app has an updated interface to make it even easier to view your data and improve faster. This is the new main screen in the app.





Tap on the club label to change the club you're using; tap on the view icon to view your swing from a different angle. If you want to record video of your swing, tap the camera icon to go to the video recording screen.

Pull up on the swing history label to view your full Swingbyte history, or swipe right or left to scroll through your history.




Swipe up or down on the data blocks to view different data points for that swing, or double tap to view your full data for that swing.

Tap and hold on any data point to bring up the dial it in feature.

Tap the box on the bottom left to compare two Swingbyte swings.

Tap the button on the bottom right to rate a swing, share via email, Facebook, or Twitter, or to delete a swing.

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