How to record swings using ITR

1. Connect your Swingbyte in the app


2. Make sure that you’re able to set up your iPad far enough behind you that your whole club stays in the frame for your full swing—if any part of your club leaves the frame during your swing that can affect the detection accuracy. 


3. Select Record > With Ball Target Line



4. That will bring up the alignment screen. With ITR, you can set your target line in the app independent of your club face at address, and Swingbyte will be able to calculate your data relative to that target line. To set your target in the app, ensure that the vertical line on the screen is running directly through your ball target.


5.  Just as with regular video recording, ensure that your ball is fully centered in the circle at address to ensure the most accurate readings



6. Tap “start recording” to bring up the swing screen and you’re ready to start using ITR!


7. Take a swing with any club—the app will beep twice to confirm swing capture, and you’ll see a processing message come up on the screen. Once the app is done processing, your swing and video will appear on the main swing screen.



The detection accuracy in the top right corner tells you how confident the algorithms are in the given results. (3 stars and higher will give you the most accurate data).



In addition to the face to address data point previously available in the app (how much you’ve opened or closed your club face at impact relative to address), ITR allows Swingbyte to calculate your Face at Address—the angle of your club face at address relative to your target line.


Your club path data is also now calculated relative to the target line as set in the app. This will allow the app to calculate path data in the same way that it is calculated by industry-leading radar based systems.

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