The Dashboard gives you an overview of your account all in one place.


Total Swings: Total number of swings recorded on your Swingbyte

Swing speed:  Average of your fastest club for that day’s session


Account Info:

Swing Rank: Help you identify how you rank across the Swingbyte golfing population.

Total Sessions: The total number of days you’ve used Swingbyte

Total Swings: The total number of swings you’ve recorded on your Swingbyte

Fasted Club Speed: The fastest club speed we have on record for your Swingbyte account

Swing Rank Change:  The change in your Swing Rank (updated nightly)

 Activity: Recent updates to your account, including new session data and new badges

 Badges: Earn badges for different achievements with your Swingbyte, share and compare with your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

 Golf Bag: View and edit your clubs, and enter custom specs for each club in your bag.

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