Why don't I see more information about the golf ball and my body?

Swingbyte knows what your golf club does during your swing.  Swingbyte doesn’t directly measure the ball or your body.  Below are a few items we are frequently asked about that Swingbyte does not capture:

  • Quality of ball/club face contact: Swingbyte does not know where on the club face contact is made with the ball.  Swingbyte does calculate a ball flight shape (i.e. push slice).  This calculation is made based on the ball making contact with the center of the club.
  • Ball Launch Angle: Launch angle is affected by many factors, some of which Swingbyte measures (club loft angle, swing speed, angle of attack) and some that cannot be accurately measured without high-speed camera equipment and or a doppler radar based device.
  • Ball Spin: This metric depends largely on where the ball hits the club face, the type of ball, and environmental conditions – items that Swingbyte does not directly measure.
  • Ball Carry Distance: Without knowing the exact launch angle, spin, and environmental conditions for your shot, it is not possible to accurately predict how far your ball will travel.
  • Body Movement: Swingbyte is attached directly to your club, not your body.  Swingbyte only presents information that is directly measured or calculated to the highest degree of accuracy.
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