What do the lines on the swing screen indicate?

The green dotted line is the initial club angle at address. The grey dotted line is the target line extended, and the red dotted line is the projected path of the ball based on swing trajectory and angle of impact.


The curved solid lines represent the path of the club head throughout the swing.  As you move the club through the swing, the arc is color-coded by the speed or acceleration of your club head.



In the Overhead view, you will see solid red lines being drawn on the ground as the swing progresses.  We call these your Swingbyte Laser Lines™.  Imagine you have laser pointers on both ends of the club shaft during the swing.  Many instructors give students this image or drill to illustrate the golfer’s plane and path.  The red lines in the Overhead view represent the pattern of light being drawn on the ground by laser pointers extending out of both ends of your club.  In Swingbyte’s observations of the best players in the world, their Laser Lines™ closely follow the dotted target line extended, especially in the downswing.


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