How do I attach Swingbyte 1 to my club?


Attach Swingbyte to the club of your choice.  Swingbyte should be attached to the club shaft just below the grip, with the power lights up (towards the grip) and the Swingbyte logo down (towards the club head). 


Lefties should orient Swingbyte at 9 o'clock on the club shaft and righties should orient Swingbyte at 3 o’clock.  For both, the grey/white seam in the Swingbyte case should be aligned with the leading edge of your club.


     Alignment.jpg     SBAlignment (529x640).jpg


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    B Radgolf

    Oh you picked the easiest application. Show how it looks on driver, iron, etc... I'm concerned about the data accuracy as it seems easy to set the device 1, 2, 10 degrees different from the clubface angle. How do you truly know that the device is set the same as the clubface angle? "eyeballing" it is not reliable when it becomes your start point to analyze I missing something?

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    Jim Glackin

    I second the question above. I have found the clubface measurement to be suspect. It is completely dependent on how you eyeball and position the unit on the club shaft. If there was a way that you can hold the club with a square face and then synchronize the Swingbyte, it would eliminate any guesswork. 

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    Brian Payne

    Thank you for the questions, comments, and suggestions!  A few points:

    • We'll post pictures of Swingbyte attached to woods and irons shortly.
    • Eyeballing the grey/white seam with the leading edge or grooves of the club can typically be done within a degree or two of perfectly square.  At 10 degrees off, the path and shaft lean numbers will definitely start to look unusual.  To help Swingbyte users more easily align Swingbyte to perfectly square every time, we are working on an enhancement to be released later this year.  As always, we welcome your ideas and feedback!
    • The Club Face measurement is a relative measurement of the club face at impact to the club face at address.  Because it is a relative measurement, it is not super sensitive to the orientation of the device.  What can be confusing about this metric, is that it is not directly account for the curvature of the ball in flight.  Club face to path would be more appropriate for that.  We anticipate including club face to path in the Data Screen later this year.

    Thank you for the posts.  Please contact us anytime with questions and feedback!

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